Best Telegram Betting Groups

Looking for the best Telegram Betting groups?

Many tipsters are creating Telegram betting groups as an easy way to share their tips with their followers every day. These groups are forever changing so our advice if you’re interested in Telegram betting to use one of the following directory sites. They maintain a list of active Telegram betting groups and give you an idea of how many people are in group.

Remember to always do your homework on any Tipster you follow. Just because they have a large following doesn’t mean they’re profitable!

Best Online Directories of Telegram Betting Groups

  • – Betting Groups This is one of the largest Telegram Betting directories with hundreds of groups dedicated to Telegram gambling. Some of the groups are bigger and more reputable than others. It seems that some of the groups are no longer active so you will have to wade through a few and see.
  • The Telegramist – Betting Groups A smaller directory of betting groups however they track the number of people in each group and what percentage of their followers are active which is very useful to see.

Better Than Telegram for betting is a new app that is better than Telegram for betting. It’s a messenger app, that’s been designed by bettors for bettors. Find out more here.

  • Crew is messenger app similar to Telegram
  • That’s been designed for betting!
  • Create groups, send direct messages just like Telegram
  • Find, share, like and copy bets instantly with friends
  • Compare odds & bet with major bookies
  • Place private or group bets
  • Get the best tips every day

Crew is just like your favourite messenger app but turbocharged with live betting odds, accas and football news. It’s like the sport group chats you have already, but make its easier to find, share, discuss and place any football or horse racing bet right from the conversation.

Better than a Telegram Betting Group

Crew Messenger

Crew Messenger is an exciting new betting app with the objective of being better than Telegram betting. It’s a messenger app specifically designed to chat sport and bet with friends by being connected to live odds data from the biggest bookies. Download it here.

With Crew you can create chat groups with friends like any other messenger. The difference is that Crew automatically detects bets in conversation. The moment you type “Germany 2-1 and Portugal to draw” Crew understands this is a bet, fetches you the best odds from the biggest bookies and drops them into chat. No more painful finding of bets and taking screenshots, Crew does it for you.

Tapping the odds instantly reveals a list of major bookies and the odds they offer. From here you can choose which bookie you want to bet with and place the bet without even having to leave the app.

The beauty of Crew over other messenger app is that it connects you and your friends together while enabling you share and place group bets, and do so even if you all bet with different bookies. To try Crew hit the button below!