Combine knowledge

Create a group, invite your friends and combine your knowledge to get an edge.

Create a bet club

Take it turns to pick bets and place them as a group. If one wins you all win! Crew makes it easy to run a bet club or syndicate to share singles and accas in groups and for your friends to vote on each using the like button.

Use different bookies

Crew compares odds from multiple major global bookies meaning you and your friends can bet together while still using different bookmakers of choice. You can bet with your bookie, I can bet with my bookie while Crew connects us together,

Share bets quickly

Crew is the easiest and fastest way to send a bet between 2 people or 100 people. Any bet can be tapped and shared from one person or group to another in seconds.

Bet faster

Crew understands when you type bets which means you can get the odds for a bet instantly by simply typing what you want in any chat such as “liverpool to win”.