Social and group betting opportunities remain largely untapped markets within the gambling industry.

There have been some shoots of progression in recent years when it comes to bowing down to the wants and needs of customers.

Certain games like Super 6, where a player has to correctly predict the scoreline of six football matches, have proved competitive among friends.

And although it’s a game first, players are encouraged to bet on their predictions too.

Another development has allowed the customer to request their own odds ahead of a sports event taking place, rather than only being allowed to bet on markets priced up by trading teams.

What’s more, social media can then be used to encourage friends and others to bet on the same thing, whether it be by the bookmaker or the customer in question.

Crew offers what could be at the forefront of the next wave of industry evolution – an app that makes group betting incredibly simple.

Whether it be friends all sharing their weekend football tips or the host of a betting league passing on betting advice to paying subscribers, life can be made easier for everyone.

Whether you want to speak the keyword of a selection or write it in the same way you would a text message, Crew finds the bet for you.

So just from a team or player name, we can identify the bet and then show you best odds.

You type into the chat “Going to stick £20 on Salah scoring first tonight” and from that Crew will search the markets and then add odds to the chat.

Then it’s easy for your mates to decide whether they like these odds and if they do, they can place the same bet as you from the links in the chat message.

Crew will even tell you how much as a group you stand to win should the bet end a winner.

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