Occasionally when friends are sharing football tips, they may share a single selection.

This is more likely when the team in question are sufficient underdogs, ensuring a reasonable profit should they pick up the three points.

However, when a team is odds-on to win a particular match, the profit on offer can be miniscule for those wanting to keep stakes relatively small.

The solution is to take a greater risk and combine a handful of such odds-on shots together into an accumulator.

Backing five successful 4/7 shots in an accumulator returns £47.91 for a £5 stake. Add a sixth winning 4/7 selection and this goes up to £75.29.

One of the main issues when trying to share a multiple betting tip in a group is the potential for miscommunication.

When typing selections into chat, it’s expected that the person doing the messaging will get lazy.

They may try to use shortcuts or abbreviations for team names and almost certainly won’t give full match details.

A message could read like “Man U, Ev, Wig, Ports and Bristol will all win today”.

The recipients then not only have the issue of working out if ‘Bristol’ refers to Bristol City or Bristol Rovers, but also manually having to find all of these teams within the betting app they are using. This can be time consuming.

Crew contains its own fixture quick coupon, allowing users to simply scroll, select the teams they favour and all of this is dropped into the chat. This also includes the odds of the accumulator.

Others in the group chat can then simply copy this accumulator. What’s more, once the bet is placed, the total group return from all those backing the football tip is shown.

So using the example above, should two people place £5 on the sixfold, another place £10 and a fourth person wager £20, the total group return would show as £602.32.

Not only does Crew make the sharing of the accumulator easier, it also brings more of a friend mentality to the table, allowing you to share in the highs and lows of a bet with your mates.

(Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com)