Crew Messenger is a group betting app designed to chat sport and bet with friends. Imagine Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger – then turbocharge it with sports news, live data and the ability to strike a bet with major bookies, without having to leave the app.

Gone are the days of having to share screenshots of bet slips – Crew makes group betting with your friends simple.

The best part is that unlike other group betting apps it works with your existing bookmaker accounts including William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bet Victor and more coming soon. Crew compares odds from each bookie letting you get the best value and to choose who you want to place it with, without having to leave the app.

When it comes to group betting the World Cup brings friends together like no other sporting event on the planet. Anticipating, watching, debating, celebrating and of course sharing tips is a daily routine. Crew Messenger revolutionises this shared experience of football between like minded friends.

If you’re looking for a group betting app – Crew is what you need, to find out more and download it for iOS and Android…