Tipsters. The majority of sports fans think they can be a successful one.

Some go a stage further than sharing football tips with their mates and take the plunge to do it as a full-time career.

They open social media accounts sharing tips, some start up betting clubs and charge a membership to join, others get newspaper columns or provide betting advice through podcasts.

With so much competition, it can be a minefield gaining access to all tips and it would be a typical occurrence for a big-priced winner to slip through the net, because of the time and effort needed to locate all tips to begin with.

However, with Crew, this doesn’t need to happen again. This is because the tips supplied by the best tipsters can all be found in one place.

You don’t need to scroll up and down your Facebook wall or go searching through Twitter to discover selections. You also don’t need to trawl through the internet or listen to lengthy audio for 30 seconds of useful information.

Just open the ‘tips’ section within Crew and this will be populated with the thoughts of numerous
tipsters, whenever these tips are published.

What’s more, not only will the tip be shared, the market and odds will also be made available, making it as easy as possible for you to bet on.

So if the football tip from Free Football Tips was for Manchester United to beat Tottenham 2-1 in the FA Cup, this would all be shared within the ‘tips’ tab, alongside the best odds of say 10/1.

Sharing these tips with your mates is another thing that’s straightforward through Crew if you were looking to add some extra clarity to a tip.

So you can see what your preferred tipsters are advocating, tell your friends what is being suggested and all place a bet with the best available odds, all from one app.

Think about the time you’ll save not having to research these tipsters yourself and the extra profit you could potentially make. This is the level of ultimate messenger app that Crew is.