It’s Saturday, it’s match day, it’s 2pm. There is only an hour to go before numerous English football games kick off up and down the country.

Your phone is continuously buzzing as all your mates look to show off their knowledge by sending their best bet of the day to everyone in your group chat.

John’s telegram betting tip is Southend to win because they’re at home this week and most of their bad results arrive when playing away. Plus, their opponents have lost five on the spin.

Michael’s group tip is a team three rungs down the non-league ladder. He has been given insider info that their opposition are having arguments over pay. So they’re playing the kids. Banker home win if ever there was one.

Nick is a Birmingham fan and they’ve got a Second City derby with Aston Villa. Neither team score many goals and both won’t want to lose. Got 0-0 written all over it.

You have been in bed most of the morning catching up on box sets and haven’t had the time to pick anything. Kane first scorer then, only because it was a successful betting tip for you last week and why change a winning formula?

Betting clubs between mates or passing around football tips are commonplace these days, so why not all have an app that makes it easier to place these bets?

Crew is just that. Join a betting club and write your messages to your mates as normal in the chat. We’ll pick out the key words and fetch you the best odds, ensuring you win as much as possible from your telegram betting tips.

Identify a winner and not only get all of the bragging rights, but make one of them get the beers in the next time you meet up if they took the best odds on offer.