5 ways Crew will make you beat the bookie

Winning… it’s everything. But to beat the bookies requires an edge. Here are 5 ways to get that edge using a game changing new betting app called Crew

#1 – Pool your knowledge by creating a bet group

Every bookmaker has the same disadvantage – they have to be experts in a vast number of sports and markets. Punters on the other hand have the advantage of being able to pool their knowledge on one sport or league, giving them an informational and analytical edge.

You know what they say, two minds are better than one. Crew is a messenger app just like WhatsApp only turbocharged with betting, meaning you can create a chat group between close mates who punt to discuss betting opportunities, share and copy bets and pool your collective knowledge of sport. Get the app

#2 – Place group bets, so when one of you wins you all win

When it comes to betting no two punters are the same, we all have our personal interests and opinions. You might have a mate who knows golf like the back of his hand whereas your passion is second division football. Crew makes it easy to profit from your differences in knowledge and skill by copying friends’ bets or placing them together as a group, even if you each want to bet with different bookies.

Let’s not forget the entertainment value of being in it together either. Everyone enjoys the odd fiver on a 100/1 acca, now imagine if you and five mates were on the same acca and stood to win £6000 between you if it comes in. The excitement and banter would be off the scale!

Each time someone copies and places a bet in a group, Crew adds up the total return so you can see how much you’ll win between you as a group. Get the app

#3 – Compare odds from multiple bookies to find value and boost your returns

By comparing betting odds from multiple bookmakers you can increase your winnings by 10-15%, helping you get the best possible value. Crew makes odds comparison easy by cleanly listing the real-time odds from each bookie – leaving it up to you to choose where to bet.

Other apps do this but force you out to the bookmakers website to actually place the bet which is a pain. Crew is different, you can log into the bookmaker and place the bet without leaving the app, making it fast and painless to bet using multiple bookies with a single app. Get the app

#4 – Take advantage of the best tips and offers

Competition is fierce between bookmakers, each offering a wide range of promotions to compete for your attention and custom. This represents incredible value to punters if they’re willing to take a minute to open an account.

Crew aggregates all the latest promotions into a single feed that’s easy to scan and act on meaning you never miss the best deals and promotions for new and existing customers.

The same feed also aggregates tips from the biggest tipsters online. But instead of having to find the bet using the bookmaker’s app you simply tap and place it with them inside Crew. Get the app

#5 – Get bets on faster by typing or saying them

Being able to quickly strike the bet you want, especially during inplay, is essential to capture the best value. Take a live match for instance, you might spot that a player is on particular form and suspect there’s value in him scoring next. To find this exact market on a normal bookmaker’s app can be slow and frustrating, navigating through a myriad of lists and menus.

Crew however can understand bets when you type or say them, returning you the best odds from every major bookie in seconds. No more time consuming browsing, simply think it, type it, place it.

Crew is launching soon, to be one of the first to try it and be in for the chance to win one of 3 smartphones. Get the app

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